Shane Helms on his mounting medical costs

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with former WCW and WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms talking about his mounting medical costs and his work to develop a PSA about drunk driving.

“It’s hard for a guy like me or any pro wrestler to get medical. All my attempts to get medical since I left WWE have been a dead end. I guess Mick knew I was going to have to front all these medical bills. You’re talking about a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Yes I did make a lot of money in the wrestling business, but nobody wants to lose a couple hundred thousand dollars. Mick wanted to do this thing. I wasn’t sure about it. People have their own things they are dealing with. This was my problem. I’ll deal with it myself. That’s how I felt, but I knew he wanted to do something.”

“I’m coordinating now with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to get their involvement. There was a state trooper at the scene who knew me. He quoted that he never saw someone with that much facial trauma who lived. My helmet strap cut underneath my chin and cut close to my throat. That almost killed me. I almost bled out from there. So I just wanted to use his quotes and things like that to show if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. You never know what tomorrow brings.”