Wrestleview’s own “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo sent this in.

WPXI station in Pittsburgh is selling a Bruno Sammartino DVD on their “Just Pay Half” site for 14.99. Here is the overview on the DVD and the link to the DVD.

Sammartino: Secrets of A Survivor

In a career that spanned four decades, Bruno Sammartino truly earned his title as Professional Wrestling’s Living Legend. For over eleven years, Bruno reigned as world champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation, and was celebrated the world over. He grappled with professional wrestling’s biggest names during the sport’s glory days, sold out Madison Square Garden nearly 200 times, and wherever he went, his incredible feats of strength and humble confidence won him countless fans. From his boyhood growing up in the devastation of Italy during World War II, to his immigration to America, land of opportunity, to his thousands of bouts in the world’s wrestling rings and arenas, Bruno’s life story is the compelling tale of a man who would not settle for anything less than being a champion. “Sammartino: Secrets of A Survivor” combines classic wrestling footage and Bruno’s own words to tell the harrowing, thrilling, sometimes sentimental story of a great champion. In a long and fruitful career in the ring, Bruno faced every challenge life had to offer and pinned it to the mat.