The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, November 26, 2011 with hosts Dave Stephens (Raw recapper and Wrestleview columnist) and Anthony Valvo (Wrestleview columnist) is now streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Topics covered for this week’s edition of The Teacher’s Lounge for November 26:

Title: “Where’s Perry?”

* Dave and Mr. V go over “The Big Picture” and discuss in depth R-Truth’s suspension, Sin Cara’s injury, A Chicago Tribune writer ripping the WWE over the use of CM Punk, and The Hogan Settlement.

* In “The Small Picture”, Dave and Mr. V briefly talk about Pro Wrestling’s “Epic Fail”, WWE ’12 pre-order sales, the main event for WWE Raw this Monday, John Morrison’s departure, Trish Stratus considering a return to the ring to wrestle Kharma, Jesse Neal denies his TNA release, Kevin Steen’s post-Glory by Honor video, Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theories, Howard Finkel’s cameo for Survivor Series, CHIKARA’s successful iPPV debut, Jason Segel as “Andre the Giant”, and we offer condolences to former ROH wrestler Bison Smith.

* This week, there was no ” TMZ Useless Story of the Week”.

* We gave out a few detentions, and both of us decided to give one to R-Truth.

* The hosts also played a few games this week. We played “Code Breaker” and agreed on who is going to be the mystery man behind the YouTube promo “It Begins in 2012”. We also played some “Food Chain” and we went different ways on who will be the man to beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship, and of course we had a Thanksgiving Edition of “Title, Job, Fire”, thanks to Grash.

* Finally, Dave and Mr. V closed out the show with some “Gold Stars”.

* All this and so much more…in about a 80-minute program.

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