Brian Soscia sent this in.

Former ECW star Joel Gertner called into what has seemingly become THE place for wrestling interviews, The Soscia Network radio show on Philly’s Mix 106.1. Joel is hosting a stand-up comedy show tonight in Philly at Connie’s Ric Rack (Steve Corino will be there too).

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In this nearly 20 minute interview, Brian Soscia and Joel talk about:
-Starting out in the wrestling business.
-The way that he got booked for the first time in ECW.
-What he learned working under Paul Heyman.
-If he was ever approached by WCW or WWE while in ECW.
-His reasoning for not leaving ECW.
-What it was like being in the ring during the riot like atmosphere when the Dudley Boyz were out there.
-His favorite Gertner-ism.
-His favorite moment from the ECW Arena.
-PLUS: Can you name all the Dudleys? See if Joel can!!
AND a lot more!!!