Tommy Dreamer has a new column up on discussing the future of pro wrestling in Philadelphia at the former ECW Arena.

“Major news hit the wrestling world recently with the announcement that the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia is closing.

Apparently new ownership is coming in and its brass wants to make the arena a venue for larger events, such as concerts and the like. On top of that, they apparently don’t want to host professional wrestling or boxing shows there anymore.

Financially, to me, that makes zero sense. If I were a building owner, I would want to have as many renters come into my establishment as humanly possible so I can make money.

I will forever have the many moments etched inside my brain of unbelievable memories, the faces of fans and the emotionally vested trials and tribulations of my own career. It was there that I met the mother of my children. I have forged some amazing friendships because of a simple little bingo hall in South Philadelphia known for years simply as ECW Arena.

I will not be known for being the greatest scientific mat technician in my career. Rather I will be known as a guy who gave all that he had every single night, and all in the name of entertaining fans. That is a hardcore work ethic and a passion for the wrestling business.

I was born into this world as Thomas Laughlin in Yonkers, N.Y. When my time comes and I pass away, I will be best known for being Tommy Dreamer. He was born in ECW Arena in South Philadelphia.

Thanks for the memories.”