Poll: Who will you cheer for at Wrestlemania 28?

Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the Wrestleview.com poll every two weeks.

WrestleMania is looming, and wrestling fans are well aware that the show will feature John Cena vs. The Rock. Cena and Rock are two of the most popular wrestling stars of the last twenty years. They also have received their fair share of boos from the crowd. As things currently stand, Cena and Rock are both going into this match as baby faces. The question now is who to cheer. The latest Wrestleview poll asked just that question.

The results of that poll are as follows:

Who will you be cheering for at WrestleMania between The Rock and John Cena?

Both 19.8% (2,017 votes)
The Rock 40.08% (4,083 votes)
John Cena 40.12% (4,087 votes)

Total votes cast: 10,187

Before going any further, take a look at the final number. Votes totaled 10,000 which is the most votes cast for any poll on Wrestleview in a two-week period. Despite the thousands of votes, it still came down to the single digits to decide who won.

Watching the poll unfold was like a great back-and-forth match. Cena and Rock kept overtaking the other in the poll like they were trading blows. When it came time for the poll to close, Cena walked away with just four votes over The Rock.

Rock and Cena represent two different eras of WWE. Their encounter at WrestleMania is truly a clash of the titans. When these two step in the ring, it will be one of the most important matches in Mania history, much in the way Rock vs. Hogan was in 2002.

The popularity of these two men has always faced challenges. Today’s fans are well aware of his relationship with the crowd. Roddy Piper even did a Piper’s Pit segment on Raw a few weeks back, during which he confronted Cena and told him he needed to deal with the crowd sooner rather than later. At this point Cena will likely always have that relationship with the crowd unless the audience shifts drastically in the future. The Rock is very popular, but it wasn’t always that way. He faced his uphill battles with the crowd during his first year with the company. Once he achieved his popularity, he still heard boos every now and then, especially at WrestleMania XVIII with Hogan.

How things will turn out between Rock and Cena is up in the air. The crowd reaction will be just as interesting. Despite emanating from Miami, Cena will still have his loyal supporters. Just as this poll suggests, the reaction will be just competitive as the match.

A huge thanks goes out to all the readers who their vote in this poll. Be sure to cast your vote in Wrestleview’s latest poll asking how you would grade WWE from a creative aspect for 2011.