is featuring the latest column by former ECW, WWE and TNA star Tommy Dreamer who encourages people to reach out to friends and family during the holiday season.

“I know my friend, the late Andrew (Test) Martin, will laugh and call me a fat jobber when I go on a late-night eating binge. I know Louie Spicolli has a grin from ear to ear when he watches me do something funny. I know my dad is with my grandparents and they are all loving watching my daughters grow up.

My reason for writing this is because the new year is upon us and, instead of making resolutions that won’t we keep (hell, if I lost as much weight as I promised every year, I would be able to win a competitive body building contest by now, but I digress) I ask you to maybe think about the loved ones who have passed away, in all the positive ways you can, and live your life to the fullest — the way it should be.”