Graham Cawthon sent this in.

The History of WWE expands: ROH, SMW, TNA

Jan. 2, 2012 (CHARLOTTE, NC) — Since 2002, “The History of WWE” website has become the one-stop source for fans wanting to know the detailed in-ring history of today and yesterday. Major additions are set to coincide with the website’s 10-year anniversary.

Beginning in February, the website — which currently details the histories of WWE, WCW, and ECW — will expand to include coverage of Ring of Honor, TNA, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Graham Cawthon, who created and maintains the site, said the expansion was a logical decision, especially given that both ROH and TNA celebrate their 10-year anniversaries this year as well.

“This project which I began 10 years ago has, over the years, taken on a life of its own,” he said. “Fans all over the world have helped me make this as complete and accurate a collection of ring results as possible, making it unlike anything else in print or online. Add to that, the hundreds of reader-submitted reviews, columns, interviews, photos, thousands upon thousands of clippings … the demand is obviously there to see this website grow and I’m game if the fans are.”

Cawthon decided to include SMW, one of the last great territories, for historical perspective.

“Many praise ECW for giving a lot of guys their first big break,” he said. “But the same could be said for Smoky Mountain, where talent like Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, New Jack, and countless others got early exposure before achieving bigger success elsewhere.”

New content will begin appearing on the website in February, and will be spread out throughout the rest of 2012.

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