UWN’s David Marquez confirms ‘long negotiations’ with The CW

In light of the recent buzz surrounding televised professional wrestling coming to The CW, a report from PWInsider indicated that another name was in negotiations with the network, namely the United Wrestling Network.

David Marquez, founder and President of the UWN, took to social media to address the speculation on the matter:

In the post, Marquez confirms ‘long negotiations’ with the network, but would not comment further before thanking fans for their support and encouraging them to come to an upcoming UWN show for December 17, with more information set to be released next week per responses from Marquez.

UWN was founded in 2013, with four current member promotions in Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Zero1, Memphis Wrestling, and Derby City Wrestling.

A series of events called Primetime Live aired weekly during 2020, the result of a partnership between the UWN and the NWA.

The latter is still set for two television deals with a ‘top 20 network’ according to President Billy Corgan, despite reports of a possible deal with The CW falling through due to a questionable segment at a recent pay-per-view event.

Source: Fightful