Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in.


Just who exactly is ultimately qualified to deem a wrestler the “Most Over Babyface” in history? Or for that matter, the “Most Effective Heel” in history? Is it the wrestlers, who always seem to have an endless opnions about each other anyway? Though their debate would be long and loud, they’re likely not the most qualified to make such judgments.

The ultmiate judge is, of course, the fans. And in the shoot DVD series “Wrestling’s Most…”, produced by Kayfabe Commentaries, each episode is a countdown of fans votes in categories like those. Today sees the release of a special double-edition DVD covering exactly that…”Wrestling’s Most Over Babyface” and also “Most Effective Heel.” The DVD went onsale this morning at www.kayfabecommentaries.com. As in each edition of the show, fans were presented with 20 choices in each category, and after the votes the top 5 are counted down on the show.

Though the fans do the heavy-lifting (the voting), the stars of the ring and their passionate opinions are not ignored. As a matter of fact, each episode of the series features a dozen stars of the ring weighing in on the fans’ top 5 in each category. The likes of Rad Warrior Animal, Chyna, Kip James, The Honky Tonk Man, Tammy Sytch, Bill Apter, The Masked Superstar and more are all featured here in brand new interviews, giving their heartfelt reactions to their peers’ place in fans’ hearts.

Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver says the show is fun, fast-paced, and highly formatted. “We said two years ago that she shoot business needs to move into the more mainstream television model, with programming that is more traditionally formatted,” Oliver said. “This series was a big step in that direction for us. I think we’ve redressed the shoot interview in an innovative and fun way yet again when we launched this series last year. This further expands the realm of what the shoot-style program can do.”

Oliver goes on to explain the most crucial element to series’ success, and really the shoot DVD 2.0’s success. “As seen by the revolutionary effect that the YouShoot series had on this business, fan involvement is very important to us. And this series is entirely driven by the votes of fans. And then their ultimate vindication or vilification when the stars applaud their choices or bastardize them is the real entertainment value.”

This double edition is the Season One finale, as “Wrestling’s Most…” now prepares to shoot its next season of shows with a new star-studded cast this summer. The categories are scheduled to be “Wrestling’s Most Awesome Manager”, “Wrestling’s Most Crappy Gimmick” (a collaboration with Wrestlecrap), “Wrestling’s Most Botched” (a collaboration with Botchamania), and “Wrestling’s Most Despised.” Fan voting for all categories concluded last year, and a new cast of wrestling personalities will be getting ready to sit in judgment of the fans.

“The big wrestling feds keep getting that wrong,” Oliver concluded. “They’re programming ‘for themselves’ as opposed to programming ‘for fans’.” “Wrestling’s Most Over Babyface/Effective Heel” went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.