Marcus Bagwell addresses his recent arrest, provides sobriety update

Former WCW star Marcus Bagwell commented on his recent arrest and provided a sobriety update.

News4Jax in Jacksonville, Florida reported Bagwell was arrested on November 16 in Cobb County, Georgia for driving under the influence of drugs. The Georgia Gazette is reporting that in addition to the DUI, Bagwell’s arrest also includes speeding.

Bagwell’s update was filmed one day prior to his court hearing, so his punishment was not known at the time of the video. Bagwell did, however, serve 24 hour in jail last week for his DUI court sanction and is back focused on completing his DUI court responsibilities.

Bagwell noted the following:

-It is hard to deal with emotions when you are no longer using substances

-His temper became out of control, causing “a couple of setbacks.”

-When he traveled, he failed to log where he was when he was at the Dallas airport. When it reports came out that he relapsed, the fact is he did. What happened was that “it was a DUI court sanction.”

-He still may have to spend time in jail because of his temper. He added that he did not relapse and is clean and sober

Bagwell WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, Steve Yu, and the entire team at DDP Yoga for helping him get clean and back in the gym to workout after dealing with a 20-year addiction.