Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in.


The recently announced “YouShoot: Colt Cabana” has been cancelled today by producers Kayfabe Commentaries and Colt Cabana. The show was announced this week and the formal submission process began for the popular, uncensored shoot-style interview show, which is conducted entirely by fans. Cabana and KC president Sean Oliver both offered statements today.

“I’m sorry to inform everyone that I’m unable to partake in Kayfabe Commentaies ‘YouShoot’ series,” Cabana said. “I do strongly urge everyone to continue to support the great products and material that Kayfabe Commentaries puts out for the wonderful fans or our business.”

Sean Oliver posted a statement to fans tonight on the Kayfabe Commentaries website. “The passion with which you have involved yourselves in the YouShoot series has been the singular, most crucial component in the series’ success,” Oliver wrote. “It is precisely this passion that deposited literally hundreds of questions and videos in our inbox and social networks for this most recent YouShoot. And it is this passion we so greatly value and respect. That makes it wrenching for us to essentially toss all of that in the garbage can.”

Oliver went on to say that he tried to preserve the commitment from Cabana, but to no avail as the performer was firm in his change of heart. “The edginess of YouShoot is not for everyone, and we understand this when we sign guests. Alas, I could not salvage this show, and by proxy, the expectations and work of the wrestling fans we so greatly value. For that we apologize. As always (KC) will learn from each and every experience and will be more judicious with our guest selection.”

That statement can be found in its entirely here: http://kayfabecommentaries.com/Updates.html.