The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with former WWE star MVP who talks about his new character “Lord of War” in the new Wrestling Retribution Project promotion.

“I was adamant about not being on TV in the US. I don’t do very many indies. All I want to do really is work in Japan, but when he told me about his concept of doing a wrestling show that was broken down into episodic TV. Having a wrestling show for ‘smart’ fans with more intense intellectual content, that is what caught me. When he told me about the character he had for me, I enjoyed it.

I thought it was a challenge to be a professional wrestler on a show and not be MVP. That is what everybody would recognize me as, so I went out of my way to adopt a persona and in-ring style that was totally different from MVP would do or has done. So the challenge of performing as someone other than MVP was the main thing that caught my attention. I liked Jeff’s vision. It’s not competing with WWE. In fact, the WRP is a really cool concept and goes beyond your typical wrestling show.

My character is the Lord of War, an Iraq war veteran returning to the US with a sense of entitlement. He feels betrayed by his country. Typically in the world of wrestling your war hero is a good guy. You want to cheer for him. In this case, the Lord of War is not a good guy at all. He is very anti-American. He feels he and his brothers in arms have been betrayed by his country and the establishment. It says a lot of truth that most people find hard to stomach. You have the good old red, white and blue who are all the good guys. No, we are not all the good guys. That is what we are told and perception, it’s not always true.”