Andrew C Elder sent this in regarding our report earlier today.

I’d like to correct Chad’s story he sent in about the Tom Savani angle. That was for the now defunct Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling, they basically taped 12 episodes for one of the local stations (the one that is called IONAmerica shows old episodes of Pysch, etc) but ended up canceling the show after that. He did try and reboot the company on Fox13 Memphis (TV Wrestling 1st started there) at 6:30 am but it was an old highlight episode and no other shows were made and it was canceled. Currently no angle or product going on in Memphis at this time. Savani did send in some “stunt men” in to challenge Lawler, ended up being local talent in mask or paint from the Jokester (Colorado Kid in Heath Ledger style Joker paint) Jason, Freddy and the Wolfman.