is featuring Tommy Dreamer’s latest column where he talks about embracing social media.

“The Twitter concept was so foreign to me; I thought why the heck would someone care about what I was doing, and follow me, let alone in 140 characters or less. But was I wrong. I got hooked on it, big time, as well.

As a professional wrestler for more than two decades, I have travelled the world many times over. I have literally met millions of people in my career, some memorable and some just a casual hello, but thanks to Twitter, I get to relive these memories. People tell me stories or send me pictures of our meetings, which make me remember some of the greatest times of my life. I often say ‘Wow, I look fat in that picture’ or ‘Man my arms looked jacked’ or ‘What am I wearing, is that a fanny pack?’ when opening pictures from fans.

I can read along as the Bella Twins make fun of Dolph Ziggler, or I can read Dolph’s awesome, egotistical tweets, CM Punk’s amazing banter with fans, Eric Young’s love of hockey, Robbie E.’s love of himself, Hurricane’s comedic tweets, or about MVP chillin’ in Japan, or about Kelly Kelly being, well, Kelly Kelly.”