Jim Ross has posted a new blog over on his official website this time talking about Brock Lesnar, Saturday night’s UFC PPV and more. Note that this blog was posted on Sunday prior to the WWE TLC PPV.

“Lesnar is still dealing with intestinal issues that have yet to be made definitively public but one hears that Brock will still end up going to the Mayo Clinic to get checked over in a few weeks. Changing one’s diet often times works in correcting many intestinal issues and I hope that’s the case with Lesnar. Speaking from experience and after suffering, and I mean suffering, through a perforated intestine and having 13 inches of my large intestine removed I can speak from experience that Brock’s issues are no fun to deal with but that he can recover in most cases. Plus Lesnar is a freak of nature and will fight through whatever it is that ails him. I hope Brock is able to fight again but only if he can get back to where he was which is the baddest dude on the planet in MMA.”

To read the full blog, click here.

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