Interviews with Chris Masters and Gregory Iron

Greg DeMarco sent this in.

Listen to the latest episode of The Greg DeMarco Show, with Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd, powered by and streaming WORLDWIDE! on the Voice of Choice Wrestling Nation at as Greg & Patrick welcome Christoipher Mortedzky and “The Handicap Hero” Gregory Iron!

Former WWE Superstar and WrestleMania performer Christopher “Chris Masters” Mordetzky joins the program! Watch for questions on Masters’s training program (which includes such alumni as Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and John Cena), his time in the WWE, life traveling the indies, his latest run in Ring Ka King and his “Masters 2 Impact #MTI” campaign.

And joining in later in the program, hear independent superstar Gregory Iron as he discusses battling his condition and what it means for him as he prepares to enter the ECWA Super 8.

Plus, the results of Buggy Nova’s foray into The Wrestling 5&1’s Versus against Christy Hemme, discussion of the John Cena RAP vs. The Rock Concert, and new show correspondent Chad Perry joins in to preview TNA’s Victory Road.

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