The final days of former WWE star Eddie “Umaga” Fatu were recently revealed courtesy of a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

According to reports, Fatu was described as being out of it, slurring his words and reacting slowly in conversations in his final days during interactions with others. Were told he had reached an agreement to return to WWE shortly and this took place around the time he committed to the Hulkamania tour of Australia, which was WWE’s attempt to screw up the tour by getting him pulled off. He did the tour anyway even though WWE wasn’t happy about it.

Were also told Hogan tried to get him to come to TNA at one point, but he made it clear that he had already committed to WWE and was slated to make his return at or around the Royal Rumble in January 2010. Fatu reportedly told Hogan he felt a degree of loyalty to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H who gave him the opportunity for his biggest run in WWE. During his return to the U.S. following the Hulkamania tour, he was on a flight with both Ric Flair and Britney Spears. Believe it or not, Spears actually recognized him saying she knew him when he worked with her ex-husband Kevin Federline in WWE.

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