Poll: Match looking forward to most at Wrestlemania 28

Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the Wrestleview poll every two weeks.

Wrestlemania XVIII is just a matter of days away. With the top matches on the show taking shape well in advance, wrestling fans often psych themselves up for their favorite match scheduled. This year’s card has something for everyone. With the there being substantial differences between the main event matches, Wrestleview put asked its readers what match they were most excited for in the latest poll. The voting is in, and the results are as follows:

What match are you most looking forward to at Wrestlemania?

John Cena vs. The Rock 32.01% (2,418 votes)
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus 12.63% (954 votes)
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho 42.44% (3,206 votes)
The Undertaker vs. Triple H 12.92% (976 votes)

Total votes cast: 7,554

With a total 7,554 votes cast, 3,206 of those went to one match to put it far ahead of the pack. Coming in first place was the scheduled WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Early voting did not have this match as the frontrunner. As the voting went on, it surpassed the rest of the matches substantially. A certain section of fans have been pulling for this match since Jericho’s return earlier this year. They will now get their wish. As high hopes as there are for Rock-Cena and Undertaker-Triple H, Jericho and Punk have some high expectations as well with the internet audience. That being said, this should at the very least provide solid action. At most, it could be one the year’s best matches.

A distant second place with thirty-two percent of the votes was the main event between John Cena and The Rock. This match was teased before last year’s Wrestlemania, and was announced as this year’s main event an entire year in advanced. This was a huge risk for WWE, but the payoff will be in the buyrate. WWE has been hyping this as the biggest match in history. Regardless of how one feels about that, there is no denying this is easily the biggest Wrestlemania main event since Rock’s match with Hulk Hogan ten years ago. Like Hogan-Rock, Rock-Cena will go down as one of the biggest Mania matches along with Hogan and Andre, or Hulk and Warrior.

This year will be the third time that Triple H and Undertaker have squared off at Wrestlemania. The first time was eleven years ago. Even though they are doing a rematch from last year, they have managed to make it different and new. Adding Shawn Michaels as the referee, and putting them in the Hell in a Cell has served to make the match that much bigger. As both men continue to wind down their days on the road, one more great match from both would satisfy the masses.

Finally, coming in just twenty-two votes behind Undertaker and Triple H was the World Championship match between Daniel Bryan and the winner of the Royal Rumble, Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior has been built very strong since his baby face turn last year. He was one of the favorites to win this year’s Rumble, and will now go up against the same man he did last year. The difference being, their match this year will make the pay per view. Bryan has done a fantastic job since his heel turn. Both Sheamus and Bryan are better than ever at this point in their WWE careers.

Thank you to all those who participated. The current Wrestleview poll lists some of the top talents in WWE from the last 20 years and asks for your favorite. Be sure to cast your vote now!

Matt O’Brien
Columnist, Wrestleview.com