“Reality from Ringside Radio” March 29, 2012 (FREE)

Doug Lackey returns crunching Wrestlemania numbers for an all new “Reality from Ringside Radio”

Host: Doug Lackey
Email the show: doug@wrestleview.com

  • 4:22 – Doug crunches numbers on the length of time WWE stars have wrestled at Wrestlemania
  • 8:35 – This includes performers who have been on every Wrestlemania since 23 back in 2007
  • 25:21 – Find out who will be making their Wrestlemania in-ring debut this Sunday in Miami
  • 35:36 – Doug on why he is worried for the future of Drew McIntyre in WWE
  • 43:57 – Plus, Doug continues to pay tribute to the all mighty Vladimir Kozlov

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