NWA potentially set for ‘another TV deal’ following CW partnership

In an interview with TVInsider, Billy Corgan talked about the work behind his new Adventures in Carnyland reality series, which follows his efforts to juggle his life at home with his work in the National Wrestling Alliance and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Speaking on his dedication to pro wrestling these days, the NWA President revealed that something new is in the works:

I just signed another TV deal, which I haven’t announced yet. I saw someone in wrestling media wave off the NWA’s success, but I don’t know a lot of companies out there that have three television deals as an independent solely funded by me. We’re really fighting a lot of wars here not only to create a wrestling product that fans will like but also to beat the world’s perception that it can’t be done.

This follows reports of Corgan signing two TV deals previously associated with the NWA, which has seen episodes of its weekly Powerrr programming, as well as Adventures in Carnyland, available to stream on The CW’s app.