The following statement was issued to by Jim Cornette.

It has come to my attention that I was referred to in a “trailer” for Vince Russo’s latest attempt to rape the wrestling business, a “You Shoot” video and IPPV with Kayfabe Commentaries to take place in June. I was alluded to in such a way as to make prospective viewers/buyers believe I would be submitting questions or even appearing via video or in person.

Let me state this clearly. I have worked with KFC in the past, and have been treated well and enjoyed my experiences with them. However, this trailer was shot without my knowledge. I was contacted by KFC to participate in this project, and my response was, in no uncertain terms, that there has not been enough money printed yet for me to add an ounce of credibility or an iota of entertainment value to this blithering cretin’s continued attempts to sh*t on our profession. I further think that any promoter who books him, wrestling fans who spend money on anything he has something to do with or anyone else who enables him to continue to haunt our sport should be ashamed of themselves if they truly love wrestling.

So let me clarify this–if you are buying a ticket to see this, or the DVD or IPPV of this horsesh*t expecting to see, hear or hear FROM me in any way, shape, or form, you will be disappointed and your money is being taken under false pretenses. I will have no involvement in this whatsoever. I am offended that my participation is being alluded to with the goal of putting even one more penny in this flaming asshole’s pocket, and I beg everyone who loves the sport of wrestling to boycott this and any future “appearance” of Vince Russo in connection with pro wrestling, so as not to encourage him to continue to offend all of us who would just like to see him crawl back under his rock so that the industry can try and heal itself from the wounds of his unfortunate involvement in it.”

Jim Cornette