Chris Yandek sent this in.

In an interview with, pro wrestler, bodybuilder and the creator behind the Gold’s Gym Logo Ric Drasin says he’s had over 5000 car crashes from the 5000 matches he’s had in his pro wrestling career. Mr. Drasin was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s trainer partner during the golden age of bodybuilding. He has also written books about opening your own wrestling school among many others projects and achievements.

Speaking of pro wrestling and the toll it takes on your body, Mr. Drasin said, “Wrestling definitely has taken its toll on me…It’s a collision sport, not a contact sport, but a collision. Because every time you step in the ring with somebody you’re colliding with each other and although people say it’s fake, it’s not fake. You’re hitting hard…Maybe it’s predetermined who’s gonna win and maybe it’s a show to some degree, but every time you have a wrestling match in a 20 minute match, you’re taking bumps on your back, you’re taken out of the ring, you’re getting shoulder blocks knocked down. The average person never falls down more than two times in a lifetime like that. So if you’re doing five nights a week, you’re basically having a collision five nights a week not unlike a car accident. Every day, every morning you get up you feel like you’ve been in a car accident. I’ve had 5000 matches so basically I’ve had 5000 car accidents.”

Mr. Drasin spoke about health, fitness and pro wrestling in this lengthy discussion you can listen to in its entirety below: