Sal Corrente issued the following statement to The Wrestling Observer.

We told everybody that we would make a decision regarding the future of WrestleReunion following our event in Toronto. That time has now come and we have unfortunately decided that WrestleReunion will not be running future events at this time.

After a brief hiatus from our first three events, we resumed WrestleReunion (4) in Los Angeles in 2010. We battled a tough economy and the stigma of a previous failed convention in San Francisco, but we saw potential for growth and immediately decided to return the following year. Our return to LA in 2011 turned out to be our highest attended convention of all time and then had a very successful event in Atlanta.

After these two amazing events, we really felt that economy had recovered to the point where there was a market for WrestleReunion. We decided in April of 2011 that in addition to returning to Los Angeles, we would continue to run an event tied to WrestleMania weekend and also bring this to the Toronto market, our most requested and most vocal city based on our feedback. Nearly one year in advance, we planned three cities for the first quarter of 2012 with the option to do a fourth city (Chicago) in the fall.

Unfortunately, 2012 in Los Angeles saw a dramatic decline in our attendance from the previous year and made the idea of returning there extremely unlikely. We felt it was in our best interest to get through our next two events before making any longer term decisions, as the success of those two cities would likely play a role in our decision making. Quite simply, Toronto sales didn’t meet our expectations. Despite nearly one year of advance notice and having lots of local promoters and media helping to publicize the event, we didn’t reach enough people interested in our product.

Our results, along with results of other autograph shows that I am involved in, along with a glut of events that are out there tell me that it is time to take a step back and let conditions correct themselves and or let other opportunities come to the fore front. I am currently exploring some potential single show events using some of the legends and younger talent that we have used over the last several years at WrestleReunion events. I have always wanted WrestleReunion to provide fans with something they can’t get anywhere else and I feel like we have done that. It could have been an option to scale back our model but I have always felt either go big or go home.

I wanted to thank everybody that has attended a WrestleReunion event, particularly the fans that purchased VIP ticket to our events in the Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, and Miami shows, many of you purchasing prior to even knowing the full lineup of guests. You were a small number, but very loyal. We just wish we had twice as many of you! Don’t take this as WrestleReunion is going away permanently we just aren’t ready to announce any events in any cities at this time and I have absolutely informed the Westin hotel in Los Angeles that we wont be returning for 2013. I am always looking for the next opportunity that makes sense for myself the talent and mostly the fans.

I also wanted to thank our lead sponsor, their financial support made these events possible. It is my understanding they will continue to run conventions tied to the WrestleMania weekends and will always keep their options open to further business opportunities in other cities.

“The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente, WrestleReunion Founder