Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in.


April 17, 2012


If you look closely at TNA Impact, thier formula recently seems to have been combining icons of yesteryear’s wrestling, in the framework of a contemporary product. Stars of yesterday work the card with new upstarts, and stars of the smarky, indy circuit. If WWE were to buy TNA Impact, how would they be able to successfully exploit this mix of yesterday and today?

They may turn to Kevin Sullivan and Gabe Sapolsky for a tandem booking effort. Well, in the world of “Guest Booker,” the critically acclaimed DVD series produced by Kayfabe Commentaries, they have done just that. In today’s brand new DVD release “Guest Booker: Yesterday and Today” (available at www.kayfabecommentaries.com), Gabe and Kevin are given the controls by Vince, after his hypothetical purchase of TNA Impact, and told to make it work. The two bookers from different eras are charged with using their philosophies and craft to make the fed work. Their individual styles and histories make for some interesting choices and proposals by each.

Kevin Sullivan and Gabe Sapolsky were the first two bookers profiled on episodes 1 and 2 on the “Guest Booker” show, which launched 5 years ago. Now they’ve come together for this experiment, wherein two bookers are forced to work together. Kayfabe Commentaries’ president Sean Oliver says they were perfect choices for this edition of the show. “We wanted two bookers who we felt were exemplary of yesterday’s heat-based booking philoshphy and also today’s high energy product,” Oliver began. “Kevin’s WCW and Gabe’s ROH and Evolve/DGUSA were products that make them a good fit to tackle this task.”

Sullivan and Sapolsky discuss TNA Impact, its problems, today’s direction, and then do the tandem booking exercise wherein they incorporate TNA, it’s workers, and it’s titles into their new fictional employer’s company, WWE. “Guest Booker: Yesterday and Today” went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.