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I co-host a radio show called Inside The Ropes ( and we recently interviewed Lanny Poffo. He spoke about Hogan making peace with Savage, Savage having a premonition he would die and read poetry on air. I thought you might find this useful. The link to the audio of the interview is –

Lanny Poffo Interview Transcript

What’s the benefit to territories rather than FCW? I was in the business for almost 12 years, got to be like comedians at Vaudeville, A place to be lousy a place to hone your craft, nowadays it’s like ten seconds over Hollywood, so I definitely had an advantage. I thought I was in the major leagues Before I got to the WWF, but I hadn’t seen anything yet. I’m very glad that my brother Opened the door for me so The Genius & Leaping Lanny could have their moment In the sunshine. Went to WWF in 1985 as Leaping Lanny. How much influence did u have in the gimmick and what was it like being a high flyer at that time? There was TNT hosted by Vince and Lord Alfred. I knew they’d never let me on again if I was boring. I wrote a poem. *LANNY THEN READS OUT THE FULL POEM FROM TNT* When we went to black for commercial, Vince told me “Lanny that was great from now on you do a poem before every match” and that’s how the gimmick came about. I did it so I wouldn’t be boring. The Flying Kangaroos threw boomerangs when I was young so I threw a Frisbee because I knew it created a clamour. In 1987 you were stretchered out by Andre The Giant. What was it like working with him and how much of it was pre planned, because it was a very memorable segment? I was the sacrificial lamnb for Andre. Had to get him ready for Hogan. He was the greatest ever as a babyface. It was Gorilla Monsoon that suggested it for me. Lots of people laughed at me, I wasn’t even on the WrestleMania 3 card. I was sitting at home with a hole in my head, but I’m a team player, there’s no such thing as a jabroni. Some of those people that laughed, 2 years later, watched me on NBC with Hulk Hogan. You’re most famously remembered as The Genius. Your first feud was with Mr Perfect against Hulk Hogan. What were your memories of that feud? Well actually I’m glad you mentioned memory. That memory is at the top, everything else is below that. Later in your run you managed The Beverly Brothers. Was it your decision to stop being a full time competitor or was that the company’s decision? Well I’d been fired for 6 months and something happened with The Coach, John Stolas. He left or got fired or something and they needed a manager for Beverlys. I filled the bill. I would’ve rather wrestled, but they’re offering me to come back, I’m not gonna turn it down. You left the WWF at the end of 1992, what circumstances led you to leave at that time? I was getting a divorce, needed time by myself. Knew Beverlys had fallen from grace in WWE. In 1995 you signed with WCW. You’ve said your brother gave you the Gorgeous George gimmick. Did you get to work for WCW while you were under contract? I never got to work for them except a couple of tryout matches. I bleached my hair blond, got hair extensions. I spent couple of hundred dollars to get baby blue contact lenses. Working out, training, tanning beds but debut never happened. This is one of the indications why WCW couldn’t beat WWE. Vince wouldn’t allow a stupid thing like that to happen. You’ve released 2 poetry books. Ever thought about releasing an autoniography? I turned down a lot of money to write a book about my brother. I feel it would be inappropriate. He deserves some rest. Lot of gossip by individuals talking behind his back when he can’t talk back. Best thing is to leave it alone and give it some rest. You worked for WWF for 7 years, but relationship with Macho Man wasn’t utilised, was there ever any plans? Well we did appear once at the coronation ceremony. But it’s funny last year I accepted a booking in Niagra Falls, my first since Randy died and a little Phillipino girl came up to me and she recited my poem better than I did from the coronation. *LANNY READS OUT THE FULL CORONATION POEM FROM THE WWF* I asked her how she knew that when she wasn’t even alive and she said “I have the DVD of The Macho Man” Over the years you stayed in the business but Randy disappeared. Was that a conscious decision? He’d accomplished everything he wanted and said that’s enough. He turned down so much money. The only two things he did and he did them recently was the figure and the game. He said “I’ll do them but you come to my home, I don’t travel anymore” (Lanny puts on Macho Man voice) They came. Wasn’t it the greatest interview? Favourite matches Randy looked back fondly on and that you remember? My favourite match of his was Ricky Steamboat v Randy Savage. Even today it holds up. I loved his matches with the Hulkster. I don’t think that Warrior gave Randy his best match but I think Randy gave The Warrior his best match. Randy had the ability to look at a man like Warrior and instead of being negative he saw the greatness. Randy loved the Warrior and Warrior loved him. Did you see them in Wembley? It was phenomenal. Randy had a tumultuous relationship with Hulk Hogan, but Hogan publicly aid they’d made peace, were you happy that they resolved their differences? Yes I was. It seemed like in the last six months Randy went around and offered the olive branch to everyone he had, had trouble with. He had trouble with a lot of folks. I think he died a peaceful happy man. I’m glad he did. Looking back I think he might have had a premonition that his time was short. If WWE wanted you to be included in inducting Randy into the Hall of Fame would you do it? Here’s what I believe. If Randy doesn’t go in the Hall of Fame it won’t hurt Randy. If he does go in, it’s not going to bring him back. Vince will still be a very successful man, whether he goes in or not. The only people that won’t get hurt if Randy doesn’t go in is the most important people, the fans. I wouldn’t do that to the fans. Quick Fire Thoughts Mr Perfect – Perfect Brutus Beefcake – Male patterned baldness Beverly Brothers – Both brothers and Beverly Natural Disasters – Enormous Greg Valentine – Slooooow Vince McMahon – top of the top Ultimate Warrior – Muffles Miss Elizabeth – the lovely Miss Elizabeth Sensational Sherri – Sensational Fondest memory in the ring. Two ill never forget. NBC wrestling Hulk Hogan. Couple of months late, appearing on Regis Philbin. Two greatest moments of my life. Message for the fans…. My message is two words….Thank You. I’m very appreciative of your support and your interest.