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Hulk Hogan is freaking OUT over screengrabs of his alleged sex tape that have leaked onto the Internet — and now, the wrestling legend’s taking legal action … sending in his lawyer to clean up the XXX mess.

The black-and-white pics — which appear to show a naked Hulk doing the nasty with an unidentified female — surfaced on last week … and more pics followed.

But Hulk isn’t taking the affront on his knees — unlike a certain unidentified female — in fact, his lawyer just fired off a cease and desist letter to editor Nik Richie, demanding Nik take down the pics forthwith … or face a lawsuit.

The lawyer writes, “As you know, should a sex tape or photographs of Mr. Bollea exist, they were taken without his consent and therefore the same would constitute a felony in the State of Florida.”

We’re told Nik and have no plans to remove the pictures in question. Stay tuned …