Brian Soscia passed this along.

The Franchise Shane Douglas stopped by to chat w/ Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia) of The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philadelphia! Tons of stuff was discussed and Shane was EXTREMELY candid in this nearly 40 minute interview to promote! As always Shane pulls no punches and comes off as a very likeable guy in the interview!

To watch the interview click the link:

Just some of the stuff discussed:

-His views on his former Dynamic Dudes tag team partner on John Laurinaitis.
-What the other legends have said to him about throwing down the NWA title.
-Why he left WWF after his first run in the 90’s.
-His meetings with Vince McMahon before he came in as Dean Douglas.
-What Vince promised him before he signed the contract.
-What he thought about the character and what ended up happening w/ the gimmick.
-How he felt about his ring gear.
-His match w/ Razor Ramon at In Your House.
-Did his Franchise gimmick stop him from getting teaching jobs b/c of it’s vulgar nature?
PLUS much more!!!