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Ten years ago a young man by the name of Brock Lesnar debuted on WWE television. Only a few short months later, he was WWE Champion. Only two years later, Lesnar was gone from the company, but never too far out of the minds of wrestling fans. The night after Wrestlemania XXVIII, Lesnar made his return the WWE by attacking John Cena. The wrestling world is abuzz over Lesnar’s return, and given how soon he won his first WWE Championship, how long could it be until he wins it again? The most recent Wrestleview poll asked readers that very question.

After 3,700 votes, the results are in!

How soon will Brock Lesnar win the WWE or World Championship?

One month 5.22% (193 votes)
Over the summer 41.08% (1,520 votes)
In the fall 6.14% (227 votes)
In the winter 3.51% (130 votes)
He won’t 44.05% (1,630 votes)

Total votes cast: 3,700

A little of three percent of the votes went to the winter season as the time when Lesnar will be champion. There is no doubt Lesnar will be in a big Wrestlemania match next year. Next winter would be the perfect time to slide him into the role of champion, if he is to headline the show. Also, his number of appearances will likely ramp up during that time, which would only makes sense since a champion should be featured regularly.

The next place in voting was the choice of one month. After the events of Extreme Rules and this past Monday, that option looks to be out the window. Still, it would not have been a stretch at all to see Lesnar nab the title so quickly. CM Punk is in the midst of a lengthy title reign, and Lesnar would make the most sense to end it for him. Brock Lesnar would be a new breed of challenger for Punk, and the contest would be very interesting.

Coming in at third place was the option of autumn. Things tend to die down after Wrestlemania for WWE, and they do the same after Summerslam. Lesnar has pumped interest into WWE post-Mania, and a title win could do the same come this fall, especially if WWE teased a title win at Summerslam by having him challenge the champion to a DQ finish.

1,520 readers think that the summer months will be the time when Lesnar wins the title. WWE looks to have written Lesnar off television for a few weeks. A return in June for prime summer run will ramp fans up for Summerslam. Of course, Summerslam would be a great story to tell by having Lesnar challenge for the title exactly ten years after he first won it.

Finally, the top vote getter was the possibility that Brock Lesnar will not win the title. The fact is Lesnar is only signed for one year. Also, he is not contracted to appear for the number of dates most of the roster is, so he would not be on the road. Some people have seen his loss to John Cena as a major blow to Lesnar off the bat. However, he is not the top guy. He is undoubtedly a major piece of the puzzle, but the world will not be moved to make way for him. On top of all the cards stacked against a title reign, reports of Lesnar’s blowup after Extreme Rules may have soured any plans WWE had for a run with the gold.

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Matt O’Brien