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The fallout from WWE Over The Limit and the interesting dynamic between NFL players and reporter were the topics du jour on this week’s 4th and Pain with Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and radio guy Chuck Carroll.

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Can you believe Big Show is in cahoots with Big Johnny? Neither Adam or Chuck saw that one coming.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan brought the house down with their match. The only thing that soured Chuck’s enjoyment of their exhibition was the fact he didn’t pick up a win on Adam in their Pick ‘Em Challenge. He should have, he would have, but he didn’t. Why? Because Adam sneakily changed his pick to CM Punk after twice saying Daniel Bryan would have his hand raised.

In an homage to Adam’s former Redskins teammate LaRon Landry, the loser of the Pick ‘Em Challenge has to wear a VERY tight pink shirt and do some LaRoning!

2nd Down yielded one of the guy’s favorite segments on 4th and Pain to date when they explore the fickle relationship between players and reporters. Chuck shared a funny story from practice at Redskins Park on Monday when Adam made clear his radio co-host does not get special treatment when he’s at the office.

“When you’re in the locker room I’m going to treat you like everyone else… I don’t know you,” Adam told Chuck.

Also, a teammate of Adam’s put Chuck’s mind at ease about going to see a chick flick… with another guy. He even said he did the same.

On 3rd Down, the mailbag segment, Adam gives a health update on Mike Shanahan who was involved in a nasty collision on the field. Also the guys talks about the outlook for the Redskins secondary. On the wrestling side of things, the best stables in wrestling history are debated. Who is top dog? nWo, DX, Hart Foundation, Latino World Order???

Plus, you hear Chuck’s first and only rap single.

On 4th Down, the final segment, Adam and Chuck take a trip down WCW memory lane. The guys are excited for The Best of the Clash of the Champions DVD that is coming out. Plus, Chuck tells Adam about Big Van Vader giving him nightmares.

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