Troy Johnson sent this recap in.

Fred Ottman aka Tugboat/Typhoon/The Shockmaster joined Inside The Ropes this week and here are the highlights…..

Why he chose to go to the WWF in 1989 rather than WCW – I was very excited about both of them having an interest in me. I was in Florida with Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes and Steve Keirn, they all told me both sides had an interest. It could’ve gone either way. But, something in the back of my mind said ‘you haven’t made it till you’ve been in the WWF’

How he was approached with the Tugboat Gimmick – I’ve always been a big kid and I love children and the character was just a big kid like Popeye character. It was Vince and the office that came up with the character, you know they can give you the character, but you’re the one who has to become that character. I became a cartoon. It was funny. I was awkward and clumsy but still very strong.

Memories of working with Hulk Hogan – Working with Hulk makes you. It’s like the golden touch. I was closely associated with him. I was like his cheerleader when ‘Quake put him out. Hulk’s always been awesome. I was very nervous and I always wanted to do a good job.

Was he happy with the heel turn – I was excited about going with Quake because I liked him and I thought we had a lot f chemistry together and would get over well as a team because we’re both athletic and big. But, I also felt just prior to that they had given me a prototype t-shirt and a Tugboat doll, which never came out, I was like a big kid, everybody liked it, I thought they could’ve got a lot more out of it. Quake finished his angle with Hogan and he was in limbo so I thought about it and kinda thought “Yeah” I’ve always been a team player, if they come to me with something I’ll do it.

Memories of Earthquake – Even when we weren’t on the road, Quake moved to Orlando and Quake and I went to Disneyworld, we used to go there with our families. We wrestled up in New England and Stephen King was a big wrestling fan and he used to come to the matches in New England and this one time, Quake and I wrestled and he hadn’t came to the show so we went to his house and it looked like a scene out of one of his movies. His neighbours must have thought something weird with two 400 pound guys outside his house taking pictures. But he came home and Quake ran towards his car shouting “Mr King, Mr King” and he recognised us and signed our books and said he was a big fan of ours.

Memories of being around Andre The Giant – On the road in Michigan, I was with Dusty Rhodes, I’m getting dressed. Andre’s sitting on a steel chair playing cribbiach with Arnold Skaaland. I’m sitting there, shaving my face, all of a sudden Andre rips a big fart, it sounded like a lion roar and I jumped about 3 feet in the air, everybody’s laughing and Andre said “Whats up Boss? You scared of a little fart?”

Winning the Tag Team Titles – It was awesome. Having WWF Tag Team Belts with my partner, who was great. We were on fire. There was a big political story involving LOD and Beverly Brothers that I really don’t feel comfortable talking about but it was great.

Memories of SummerSlam 92 in Wembley – Man it was great. I only have two posters from my wrestling career. One is the bootleg from outside the stadium and the other is the WWF one, I have them framed on the wall. Michael Jackson played about two weeks before we were there and we broke his attendance record. As hot as he was, we were able to do that so it was a great thing to brag about being a part of. The crowd were so loud that you could scream across the ring and the guy couldn’t hear you.

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