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Chris Jericho first joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1999. He didn’t have too many vacations during his first six years with the company. When he left in 2005, Jericho was in need if healthy vacation, as well as a chance to venture outside the wrestling world. He came back two years later and had what many wrestling fans consider being one of the best heel runs of the decade. He then took another sabbatical from the squared circle. Then, in late-2011, videos began hyping Jericho’s return to company once more. Jericho managed to reinvent himself during his second run, so fans eagerly anticipated what was in store for him this time around. Jericho, who is now out on suspension, is a little over five months into his current WWE run. Has it been a success, or has it even been worth the time? In the most recent Wrestleview poll, readers were asked that very question. Here are the results:

What do you think of Chris Jericho’s current WWE run?

Epic 7.37% (291 votes)
Served its purpose 31.56% (1,246 votes)
Waste of time 61.07% (2,411 votes)

Total votes cast: 3,948

Jericho’s January debut was either genius or horribly executed, depending on who you talk to. He entered to an arena of thousands of fans sheering for him, all the while wearing a light-up jacket. He teased talking for several moments before leaving the ring without saying a word. A lot of fans thought it was a creative way for Jericho to come back since it poked fun at other debuts, and teased the audience as to what his intentions truly were. However, the week after, he did the same thing. This time around, things didn’t appear to be as interesting as the last run. Business picked up going into the Royal Rumble where Jericho was a heavy favorite. He was one of the final two in the ring before being eliminated by Sheamus.

The WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber had Jericho in one of the pods. He was knocked out of the match by champion CM Punk, leaving the door open for a singles match down the line. That is what happened when Jericho won a battle royal for a title match at Wrestlemania. Fans of Punk and fans of Jericho felt it was a dream match. At first they were fighting over the right to be called the best in the world. Things soon got personal when Jericho went after the addiction problems in Punk’s family. On the night of Wrestlemania, Jericho lost to Punk, but managed to get one more match with him a few weeks later at Extreme Rules. In another attempt to dethrone Punk, Jericho lost yet again. A few weeks later, he was suspended for his actions at an event in Brazil.

Fewer than 300 fans feel that Jericho’s return has been epic. To this group of fans, the return was done beautifully, the matches with Punk were fantastic, and his presence has been a breath of fresh air. A larger segment of readers feel that Jericho’s return has served its purpose. He generated some interest in the product, and he spent a few months building up CM Punk as champion. Up to that point, Punk had been champion for a decent amount of time, but he had not yet had that real personal feud that got ugly. Jericho gave that to him, and Punk is a stronger champion for it.

The majority of those who voted in this poll feel that the last few months have been a waste of time. The debut fell flat, and the feud with Punk was silly. Also, he has done nothing but lose his big matches, all of which took place against Punk. What are fans to make of this? Jericho’s place is no longer as a full-time member of the WWE roster. However, he still has something to give. That being said, he cannot reinvent himself every time he decides to come back. Where Jericho goes from here is questionable, but wrestling fans haven’t seen the last of him, and perhaps his current run will change in the coming months.

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