Jesse Ventura on why Vince McMahon is mad at him

Chris Yandek sent this in.

In his latest interview with, Jesse Ventura discussed numerous political, entertainment and wrestling topics among other things. Speaking with Chris Yandek and Jay Bildstein, the former Governor of Minnesota says Vince McMahon got mad at him because he wouldn’t support Linda McMahon’s failed United States Senate run in 2010. He hasn’t spoken to Vince since.

“I haven’t spoken to Vince since he got mad at me ’cause I wouldn’t endorse Linda for the senate…He got mad at me because I was on Good Morning America or something and they asked me would you support Linda McMahon? And I said no. But let me explain, I don’t support any Democrats or Republicans. She’s running as a Republican and I don’t support anyone from those two parties no matter who they are and so it was nothing personal against Linda, but Vince got real mad at me that I said that on national TV, but he should’ve known better.”

Governor Ventura supports former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson in the 2012 Presidential Elections. Mr. Johnson is the Libertarian candidate and will be on the ballot in all 50 states:

“I will fully support Governor Johnson. I know him. We were Governors at the same time. He is a terrific man. He’s left the Republican Party because he sees what a farce they are and I urge everybody that reads this book vote for Gary Johnson for president. Don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans. Vote for Governor Johnson.”

You can read the highlights and listen to the entire 50 plus minute interview below focusing around Ventura’s new book Democrips and Rebloodicans: No More Gangs in Government: