Gardner Watts sent this in.

“Kayfabe” – A CG Animated Short Film

The word Kayfabe is professional wrestling term which basically means the portrayal of events within the industry as “real.” Boiled down to it’s simplest terms, that is the central plot of this short.

A young wrestling fan is watching his favorite “sports entertainment” program and doesn’t realize it’s all staged. So he is freaking out while watching the action. This is contrasted against the nonchalant attitude of wrestlers in the ring, to whom the match is just another day at the office.

This idea is similar to the classic Warner Brothers cartoons with the dog Marc Anthony worrying about his pet cat being cooked. Or more recently, the scene in Monsters Inc where Sully thinks Boo is a garbage cube.

In broader terms, the hope behind this short is to create a feeling of nostalgia in the viewer, and what it was like to look at the world through less cynical eyes.