“Conference Call” June 27, 2012 (FREE)

Wrestling News Live host the Trey Dawg is the special guest on the “Conference Call”

Host: Adam Martin
Special guest: Trey Dawg of Wrestling News Live


  • 3:32 – Adam and Trey discuss how this podcast happened and reactions to the announcement
  • 16:28 – The incident on air with Jeff Jackson that saw Wrestleview part ways with both hosts
  • 37:45 – Tension between WNL and the Between the Ropes radio show in Orlando back in 2005
  • 52:30 – Discussion on Trey getting heated on the air with another wrestling radio show host
  • 1:13:48 – The year that WNL got banned by TNA Wrestling for cursing too much on the air
  • 1:27:08 – The interview with Jim Ross where a WWE employee interrupted avoiding a question
  • 1:38:55 – Thoughts on attempts by the show to provide streaming webcams that ended up failing
  • 2:04:19 – Adam on why he felt Trey broke an agreement when he parted ways and Trey’s thoughts
  • 2:16:28 – Adam asks Trey a set of 10 questions as part of the Quick Responses segment
  • 3:12:53 – Closing the podcast noting we didn’t talk much wrestling and more WNL memories

    FREE AUDIO: Click here to stream or download the show (June 27, 2012)