Figured I’d pass along this link I came across.

For anyone interested in flooding their timeline, their Twitters are @Aaron_Torres and @jtwelch87

5. “The 40-year-old Who Still Follows Pro Wrestling A Little Too Closely” Guy (via @JTWelch87)

Personally, pro wrestling was never my thing, but for those who did enjoy it, more power to you. We’re all into some weird stuff, and at least your weird stuff doesn’t end with someone filing a restraining order against you.

At the same time pro wrestling stopped being cool sometime about two decades ago, yet these guys are holding onto the sport like it’s 1997 all over again. Yup, that’s right. Stone Cold Steve Austin is retired and now selling knives door-to-door, and the only thing the Rock is “cooking” are chocolate chip pancakes in another unwatchable family movie. Yet the “The 40-year-old Who Still Follows Pro Wrestling A Little Too Closely” just won’t give it up.

No, no, no, quite the opposite actually. Instead of moving on with his life, he chooses to fill up my Twitter timeline every time Monday Night Raw is on, or there’s a Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Beach Jam or Party Wham all year long. To these guys, the fact that pro wrestling is fixed is irrelevant. The fact that every fight ends with someone getting knocked out with a chair is insignificant. The fact that he’s missed his daughter’s last three dance recitals because they coincided with Raw is of little importance. After all, little Sarah will understand. I mean, it’s Raw after all!

Of course she understands. I just hope when she gets her first neck tattoo at age 16, you understand too.”