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The last month has seen over 9,000 votes cast in the two most recent polls on

Readers cast their votes for two different questions: One regarding the status of TNA, the other choosing the best WWE pay per view for the first half of 2012. Here are the results of both polls.

How would you rate TNA’s progress for the first half of 2012?

Improving 39.11% (2,543 votes)
Regressing 49.31% (3,206 votes)
Maintaining status quo 11.58% (753 votes)

Total votes cast: 6,502

Poll questions regarding TNA do not usually garner as many votes as this particular question did. TNA’s status has been a hot button for wrestling fans. The last few years have seen a lot of facelifts for Total Nonstop Action. The last six months have seen further changes, some of which have seen TNA critics take another look at the product. With that in mind, asked readers what they thought of TNA’s progress for the first half of 2012. Nearly fifty percent of the votes cast were for TNA actually getting worse. There was still a sizable chunk of the audience that felt the show is getting better. Still, there are those who feel that regardless of the changes, the direction is still the same. TNA is TNA is TNA.

The second and most recent poll asked the readers about the best WWE pay per view for the first half of 2012. The results are as follows:

What was the best WWE pay per view for the first half of 2012?

Royal Rumble 9.88% (274 votes)
Elimination Chamber 4% (111 votes)
Wrestlemania 28 55.56% (1,540 votes)
Extreme Rules 22.69% (629 votes)
Over the Limit 5.81% (161 votes)
No Way Out 2.06% (57 votes)

Total votes cast: 2,772

The shadow of Wrestlemania looms over every other event on the pay per view calendar, even to wrestling shows outside of WWE. The very idea of Mania, coupled with a huge main event between The Rock and John Cena, easily took the cake in this poll. Readers felt there was only really one show that could stand a chance against Wrestlemania, and that was Extreme Rules. ER was a card that featured Wrestlemania rematches for the top two championships, as well as added stipulations. The very brief match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania was done better at Extreme Rules when they squared off in a best of three falls match. CM Punk and Chris Jericho outdid their Mania match when they brawled in a Chicago Street Fight. There was also the huge return of Brock Lesnar and his mangling of John Cena in one of the most unique WWE matches in a long time.

Thank you to all the loyal readers of who continue to cast their votes. Be sure to cast your vote now in the current Wrestleview poll asking who will unseat CM Punk as WWE Champion! With Raw 1,000 coming up, as well as Summerslam, his reign could be closer than ever to ending. Who do you think will beat him?

Matt O’Brien