4th & Pain sent this in.

Redskins’ RGIII Talks WWE, Goldberg, HBK And Monday Night Wars

Thought I’d pass along and exclusive interview Washington Redskins’ defensive end Adam Carriker did with Robert Griffin III on the radio show he co-hosts called 4th & Pain.


On what wrestling he watched

I watched a little WCW and WWF at the time. I was a huge Goldberg fan when he had that long winning streak, which I think was ended by Kevin Nash when he was fighting for the title. I was a huge fan of Shawn Michael and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid… one of my earliest memories was him beating The Rock, the rock was early in his career, and then Shawn Michaels getting beaten by Stone Cold, which kind of ended the first part of his career with that Stone Cold Stunner.

Why WCW more than WWE?

It seemed like it was a little more exciting at that time, WCW was. You had nWo, with Kevin Nash, Goldberg then Sting in there, Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan was still hanging around a little bit in WCW at taht time. It was pretty exciting, but they were on separate nights so I did get my dosage of both, but I definitely leaned toward WCW.

Favorite all-time wrestler

It’s definitely Goldberg with Shawn Michaels a close second.

Just saying that because Carriker is also a Goldberg fan?

No I’m not. The spear, the jackhammer… those are two moves nobody can replicate the way that he did them.

Which Redskins players could make it in WWE other than Carriker?

I think [Ryan] Kerrigan could probably make it in the WWE. Maybe London Fletcher. It definitely takes a hard nose guy that’s pretty strong. But if you’re looking for a big guy I think Chris Baker could be a Rikishi type guy.

What gimmick would he have if he were a wrestler / wear to ring?

I have no idea what my name would be. I definitely wouldn’t be wearing tighty whities or any of the tight clothes that some of those guys wear! I think I would be a high flyer. I always enjoyed watching the high fly guys… the Rey Mysterios, the Jeff Hardys … All of those guys jumping off ladders, putting people through tables and things like that. So, I’d definitely have to be that guy even those guys don’t last for a long time just because they’re constantly putting their bodies through a lot of pain.

Favorite matches?

Unfortunately my two favorite matches were probably the matches that the guys I wanted to win didn’t win. Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold Steve Austin where Shawn Michaels lost. Then Goldberg when he was going for the title against Kevin Nash and Kevin Nash put him in that jacknife powerbomb and pretty much ended his winning streak even though Goldberg came back later and won the title. Those were probably my two favorite matches just because of the buildup and the stories behind them.

[Nash] didn’t win fairly . . . He did cheat. That’s the only way you can beat Goldberg, though.

Who could break Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania?

I don’t know if any of the wrestlers now could break that streak. But one wrestler who has been dipping back and forth between wrestling and movies is The Rock. I think people would really enjoy seeing that one. The Rock versus the Undertaker… just two powerhouses going at it to see if they could end that streak.