Brian Bertrand sent this recap in.

Katarina “Winter” Waters was a guest on this week’s “Running The Ropes” hosted by Brian Bertand & Chris Kelly , which can be heard on &, and below are some of the highlights:

Her thoughts on the teased incest angle between Paul Burchill and herself: I can’t exactly remember who (came up with the idea), it was put to us by one of the agents and honestly, I thought it was a great idea. I was totally for it and I thought it could have been cool, something like “The Crow” where you have the bad guy with the sister and they teased that incest thing. It has that ambivalent “you don’t know if it is happening or isn’t happening” feeling but people are kind excited about it. Any incest angle that has been on any kind of television had amazing ratings as people are fascinated by anything that is a little taboo. I thought we were lucky to have a storyline that would have been a little “on the edge” but unfortunately, with the whole PG thing, it got nixed.

The idea behind the “drugging “Angelina Love storyline: It’s about the lingering effects. It’s like when you take a drug a lot (to a point) where certain parts of your brain with simulate to the effects of the drug and it might change you forever. So seeing as I was drugging Angelina and putting her under my hypnotic spell, eventually it just so happened her brain altered itself in tune with the drug.

Her feelings about her 18 day Knockout’s title reign last year before dropping it to Mickie James then regaining it: Honestly, I thought it was kind of pointless with the little switch-a-roo in between. Sometimes it’s worth building the storyline with one person holding the championship for a little longer. The same thing happened when Velvet (Sky) won it (at Bound For Glory), she was built up at the top babyface and finally she won it and she dropped it immediately and I felt like it was kind of weird.

Her thoughts on leaving TNA Wrestling and if she is happier now she has left: I’m happier because I’m making the transition into acting to where I don’t want to be restricted by contacts or obligations to a wrestling company. I still love wrestling but in terms of having a career, I’m not going to have a career in wrestling now, I’m going to have a career in acting. I don’t want a thing that could stand in the way of that number one, and number two, I don’t want to constantly be on the road and constantly traveling for wrestling as I don’t want to get injured.

Other subjects covered in the interview include her thoughts on the state of the Knockout, her thoughts on Vince Russo, what movies she has upcoming and much much more. The full audio can be found at