is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland where he talks about his life after wrestling and putting off surgery to make an appearance for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event tonight.

“”It varies week to week now. Whereas before it was pretty standard … travel four to five days a week, and then try and recoup and refill the tank for two days, now … I’ll be gone for six weeks, then come back, have two weeks, then be gone for a weekend, then come back and have a week and a half. It’s kind of all over the place in that respect. I was gone for most of the summer, to Halifax to shoot (the television series) Haven. Did that, and put off my neck surgery to do this appearance for Tommy. When (Dreamer) was talking about doing the show and everything, I was like ‘well I’m supposed to get neck surgery, we’re trying to do it sometime in October, but maybe if we push it back till November, I can get the show in, do that and then … I can enjoy my October and then go under the knife.”