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NFL Star LOSES Embarrassing Bet — Actually Pays Up

Dear Aaron Rodgers,

Sometimes when NFL players make friendly wagers with people … and lose … they actually pay up … and that’s exactly why we’re posting this photo of a Washington Redskins player wearing wrestling panties.

The greased up brute pictured above is star defensive end Adam Carriker — who was recently placed on injured reserve after suffering a knee injury in Week 2.

Carriker, an avid wrestling fan who also hosts the 4th & Pain radio show, recently made a bet with ex-WWE superstar Bill Goldberg about the Wash. vs. ATL matchup this past weekend.

If Washington won, Goldberg (an avid Falcons fan) agreed to sport a Redskins jersey … and if ATL won, Carriker said he’d dress up as Goldberg in his wrestling prime … speedo and all.

Obviously, the Falcons won — and Carriker, BEING A MAN, paid off his bet … unlike some other high-profile, yellow-bellied, jersey-dodging people we know.

Just thought you should know.