MyFox9 in Minneapolis is featuring exclusive video of the incident of former WWE star Shawn Daivari choking out a man on a light rail train when he began yelling and threatening other passengers.

The video begins with Daivari sitting in the middle of a light rail car that, but he soon got a front-row seat to some sudden aggression.

Daivari told FOX 9 News the man with the backpack, Levin Blair, was already drunk and swearing at fellow passengers when he boarded the train, but an already-uncomfortable situation got a whole lot worse when a man got on at the Metrodome stop and asked Blair to move so he could put his bicycle in the rack.

Blair wasn’t happy about that, and was even less thrilled with another passenger who asked him to sit down and be quiet.

“That’s when he got in the passenger’s face, saying, ‘I am going to kill you,’ and stuff like that,” Daivari said.

That’s when Daivari had decided enough was enough. He took off his sunglasses and jacket and put Blair in a sleeper hold called a “rear naked choke hold,” bringing him to the floor. For the next minute or so, Daivari held Blair in a scissor hold that caused him to not only lose consciousness, but also lose control of his bladder.