“Spotlight: SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak” October 25, 2012 (FREE)

Dave Prazak joins Jason and Nick to talk SHIMMER and more on this month’s “Spotlight” podcast

Hosts: Jason Namako, Nicholas Gray
Special guest: Dave Prazak from SHIMMER

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  • 5:30 – How SHIMMER became a part of next year’s WrestleCon convention
  • 15:00 – Dave on how much Sara Del Rey has meant to SHIMMER
  • 19:00 – Dave on what new talents to the SHIMMER roster fans should keep their eyes on
  • 28:00 – Dave talks about the impact Saraya Knight has made in SHIMMER
  • 34:00 – Dave talks about the process it takes to release the SHIMMER DVDs
  • 48:30 – Dave tells a funny story about his time working with Mike Hogewood on ROH on HDNet
  • 56:30 – Thoughts on the CM Punk DVD and how surreal it was to see indy footage on it

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