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Former National Champion amateur wrestler and retired pro wrestler Devon Nicholson began his first day of his second Hep C treatment on October 15th 2012. His first treatment (administered in 09-10) was unsuccessful despite causing many side effects.

Nicholson’s new treatment is still in the experimental phase for his genotype and includes the new Hep C wonder drug Incivek (Telaprivir) along with and increased dose of the standard treatment of Interferon and Ribavirin. Although testing is still early on Incivek’s effectiveness on Nicholson’s Genotype (2) it has greatly increased the cure rate when used to treat Hep C positive individuals of Genotype 1. Hep C now kills more people than AIDS and is the number one reason for liver transplants in the US.

The video of Nicholson’s first day of treatment can be seen at this link:

Some of the side effects that have been associated with Incivek triple therapy treatment include:

– Vomiting, diarrhea, decreased sense of taste and taste disturbances
– Eczema, skin irritations and rashes, facial edema, peripheral edema, pruritus
– Rectal fissure, hemorrhoids, rectal pruritus
– Syncope, nausea, hemorrhage
– Accuse Gout, Dress Syndrome, eosinophilia, retinopathy and Stevens Johnsons Syndrome can also develop in rare cases.
– Abdominal Pain, alopecia, anemia,
– Anxiety, concentration disorder, depression, decreased libido, fatigue, flue like symptom, fever, headaches, increased sweating
– Cough, decreased appetite, dizziness, insomnia, irritability
– Dermatitis, dyspepsia, hypothyroidism, alopecia
– Joint pain, memory dysfunction, mood swings, mouth dryness, skin dryness, weight loss, myalgia
– In rare cases aggravated fatal or extremely serious neuropsychiatric (depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt ect.)
– Autoimmune and Ischemic disorders
– Dental and periodontal disorders
– Cytopenias, aplastic anemia, pancytopenia
– Infrequent but potential serious effects such as: abnormal liver function, arrhythmias, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular ischemia, corneal disorder, dental disorders, fatty liver, hemorrhagic colitis, hypersensitivity reaction , ischemic colitis, malignant hepatic tumors, ocular disturbances, pericarditis, rash, edema, Raynaud’s phenomenon, retinopathy, toxic epidermal necrolysis ect. . .