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You ever stream a live pay per view? Maybe you are talking with some friends and you reminisce about an old match you haven’t seen in a long time, so you decide to view it on YouTube. Reports pop up about a new promotion whose show is online only, so you decide to check it out. The way wrestling fans access events is shifting. Twenty years ago if you want to see a pay per view, but could not see it live, you had to wait three to five months and hope that your local video store would carry it. With the internet making professional wresting so much more accessible, asked its readers what type of event they stream most often. After more than 4,000 votes, the results are in.

What wrestling events do you stream the most often?

WWE/TNA TV shows 7.63% (338 votes)
Old matches 73.47% (3,256 votes)
Pay Per View 6.93% (307 votes)
Indy events 1.33% (59 votes)
I don’t stream wrestling 11% (472 votes)

Total votes cast: 4,432

The majority of the voters use the internet to access old matches. Given the deep history of the business and the fact that so many have made previous events available has opened the doors for a great number of fans. If you are reminiscing or doing research, there are so many matches available for viewing, be it two years ago or forty.

Eleven percent of the voters said that they do not stream wresting. There are of course those who record or DVR an episode of Raw or Impact, but there remains a group of fans who shy away from streaming. When you have how many weekly television shows to keep up with, as well as pay per view, streaming an old match or buying an ippv is hard to squeeze in.

Coming in with seven percent of the votes was the WWE/TNA show category. Time is of the essence, and there is not always time to wait until Monday night or Thursday night or whatever night to catch your favorite show. People have jobs, families, friends and lives. Sometimes sneaking in your weekly TV shows while you are at work on your lunch break (not during work of course) is the only time you have.

Pay per views are expensive. There is no denying that. Streaming a pay per view has made it a little more convenient, but given the recurring technical issues with some of these shows, it is not the ideal option. Buying a pay per view is much more enjoyable if you can split the cost with some friends or family and enjoy in your living room instead of worrying about your internet connection.

A small number of voters stream internet shows most often. There are promotions with internet-only shows. While these promotions may not be able to secure a big TV deal, they are going the way of the future. Wrestling will continue to shift towards the internet. This is not just social media and websites, but actual matches.

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Matt O’Brien