Wrestleview.com – Undergoing new design, changes

Wrestleview readers,

I’m happy to announce that Wrestleview.com is undergoing a new design which is scheduled to go live before the new year. The new layout will feature functional upgrades to make the reader experience faster, user friendly and easier to navigate.

For WWE fans that do not read Indy or ROH news and vice-versa, we have applied a new solution. Going forward all of our news items will be categorized. While this has been featured in the past on Wrestleview.com, all WWE and TNA news items will be featured together and all Independent and Ring of Honor will be featured separately.

Columns will no longer exist. Instead, we will introduce feature based articles focusing on current topics of the pro wrestling world where we encourage feedback from our millions of visitors each month. The only columns that will remain will include “As I See It” by Bob Magee (Bob has been with us for 15 years) and “Viva La Raza! Lucha Weekly” by Josh Boutwell.

Many broken links in the archive sections will be fixed and address. The comment section at the bottom of every news article will be compatible with all major browsers.

We’ve been working hard, some of us night and day to accomplish this. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at webmaster@wrestleview.com. The design is almost done, but we welcome any new ideas for minor changes.

Paul Nemer
Owner, Wrestleview.com