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Hooked on Wrestling is a digital wrestling magazine aimed at the global audience of millions captivated by the savage ballet of professional wrestling.

At a bargain price of just 99p STG (approx. $1.59USD), the English language magazine is available worldwide and is full of high quality features and analysis from the desks of two of Britain’s most respected and experienced wrestling journalists, Patrick Lennon and Rob McNichol.

Issue 1

‘I jumped around in tights for a living’

WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland speaks candidly about life after wrestling, and the potentially life-threatening spinal condition that ended his career.
“It was a character. I played a character. That is one of the lines that gets blurred with this industry. You don’t go up to Johnny Depp and say ‘Jack Sparrow’ you don’t go up to DeNiro and go ‘Cape Fear!!’ You appreciate what they did.”

Kurt Angle gives HOW his views on Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more.
On Austin: “One of the most underrated wrestlers – not entertainers, but wrestlers – in the history of professional wrestling.
“He changed the face of wrestling.
“I wrestled him in my first year in the business, and I knew nothing. Austin carried me through every match that we had.”

New IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ Fergal Devitt is big in Japan.
“The independent scene in the UK seems to be growing – and there’s incredible talent – there are some of the best in the world here, there really are.”

HOW previews WWE TLC…
“The most apposite definition of TLC at the moment may well be “Torn Left Cartilage”

“Ordinarily, the lack of Punk at a PPV would leave a gaping would larger than the scar currently healing above his patella, but if there was ever a time where we didn’t mind Punk being missing, it is here.”

…and TNA Final Resolution
“Hard Justice, Destination X and showpiece Bound for Glory itself have been very good wrestling shows on pay per view, and we haven’t been able to say that about TNA for a period of time. Sad, but true.

“If TNA can turn in a decent offering here this weekend, then they will have the formula for success in future.”

The People – Co-Editors

Patrick Lennon is the Editor of the Fightin’ Talk Column in the Daily Star for the past nine years, and is co-presenter and Executive Producer of WrestletalkTV which airs on Challenge TV.

Rob McNichol is the lead wrestling writer for The Sun, formerly of The Slam and founder of the One Sided Ring podcast.

Although the two gentlemen have been friends for many years, Hooked on Wrestling is the first time they have worked professionally together.


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