Television ratings for WWE and TNA from 12/17 to 12/22.

WWE Tribute to the Troops replay: The 12/22 replay on NBC drew 1.31 million viewers, a disappointing number for the show. This was a one-hour version of the show that aired earlier in the week on cable on the USA Network. It placed NBC last overall behind CBS, FOX and ABC. It is also a big drop from last year’s 2011 show on NBC that drew 2.1 million viewers. A final rating was not available.

WWE Super Smackdown Live replay: The 12/21 replay drew on Syfy drew an additional 1.85 million viewers. A final rating was not available.

TNA Impact Wrestling: The 12/20 show drew a 0.99 cable rating with 1.27 million viewers. This number was considered a big disappointment as it was the first show in months where they didn’t have to compete with Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network. The show drew a 0.60 among males 18-34 and 0.80 among males 35-49.

WWE Tribute to the Troops: The first run 12/19 show on the USA Network drew 2.34 million viewers. This was down from last year’s show that drew 2.77 million viewers. A final rating was not available.

WWE Monday Night Raw: The 12/17 show drew a 2.87 cable rating with 4.22 million viewers. This was up slightly from last year’s Slammy Awards show in 2011 that drew a 2.84 rating with 4.11 million viewers. In demographics the show drew a 3.1 among males 12-17, 2.4 among males 18-49, 0.9 among females 12-17 and 1.0 among females 18-49. 67.7% of the audience was male.

Demographics source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter