Hannibal Pro Wrestling passed this along.

Superstar Billy Graham has asked that HPW send along this information that he requested be posted on his official Facebook page:

Superstar Billy Graham Health Scare

Superstar Billy Graham wants to let his fans know that he was just released from the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix after spending 3 days there undergoing heart, lung and liver testing.

Graham was forced to drive himself to the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix AZ at 3 AM last Wednesday morning for rapid heart rate and breathing issues. They sent him to the liver transplant floor due to the liver transplant he had 10 years ago because of Hepatitis C. Doctors needed to make sure the liver had no connection to his other health problems.

The Superstars blood work results indicated that his liver is doing remarkably well for being 10 years post operation (average life span post-transplant is 5 – 8 years). He returns to see a heart specialist this coming Monday to follow up with more testing that will indicate what caused the rapid heartbeat scare that doctors informed him was called Arterial Fibrillation.