Terry Funk talks talks about his retirement from pro wrestling

Terry Funk, now 68, addressed retirement recently.

“I had a match against Tommy Dreamer for a company just over a year ago, and that truly and honestly is my last match. That said, there’s no point in being an idiot. If somebody approached me offering an extreme amount of money to wrestle, I’d be a fool not to. Take into consideration, too, that the quicker I’d lose, the more money I’d walk away with. Think about that. I am retired, but if some idiot wants to go ahead and give me much more than I’m worth, well then, I’d take it from them. What I’ve often thought about is having one more show, where I’d sell the tickets for $1 million apiece. If I sell one ticket, then I go ahead and I wrestle. If I don’t sell any, I don’t wrestle. But seriously, I am retired for good, but that doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea.”

Funk is scheduled to appear for Pro Wrestling Syndicate over Wrestlemania weekend in New Jersey doing a commissioner gimmick. [The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

Details on upcoming projects featuring Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is scheduled to start shooting a new web comedy series on 1/20 in Toronto that he created and co-wrote titled, “But I’m Chris Jericho.” The series will be produced by Insight to air on YouTube. Jericho will tour Australia with Fozzy in February as part of the Soundwave Festival. A new show that Jericho hosts on Syfy called “Robot Combat League” will also debut on 2/26. [The Wrestling Observer Newsletter]